APEC CIQ Handbook


The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) will be held in Papua New Guinea (PNG) throughout 2018.

The purpose of this Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Handbook (CIQH) is to provide delegations and participants to APEC 2018 with the essential information needed to travel to and depart from PNG for all the meetings associated with APEC 2018.

This CIQH will ensure that you are fully aware of the requirements for entry and exit processing of dignitaries, delegates and participants through PNG’s airports and seaports. The information will assist in ensuring you have a smooth entry and exit from PNG.

Under the guidance of this CIQH the most important goal of the PNG Government Border Agencies is to:

Ensure the safe, secure and dignified movement of leaders and delegates/participants through Papua New Guinea’s airports and seaports whilst maintaining border and aviation security.