Application for APEC Business Travel Card by PNG Citizens


Just as applications by businesspersons from participating economies will be transmitted to PNG for approval, applications from PNG businesspersons will have to be transmitted to respective economies for their approval.

To facilitate movement and entry by PNG businesspersons into participating economies, procedures, requirements and migration service fees have been designed consistent with standards in the APEC Business Card Operating Framework.

The Applicant must be:

  1. a PNG citizen and holder of a valid PNG passport. PNG Passport must be valid for 6 months or more;
  2. of good character and is not the subject of criminal charges or court proceedings within PNG;
  3. a bona fide business person engaged in the trade of goods, the provision of service or the conduct of investment activities; and
  4. endorsed by an approved business organisation
  5. a PNG Government Minister or senior official or an official actively engaged in APEC business related activities.

APEC Business Travel Cards will not be granted to:-

  • dependents of a business person, Government Minister or an official , dependents of PNG APEC Business Travel Card holders must comply with entry requirements of the economy they wish to visit.
  • persons who wish to engage in paid employment, working holiday, professional athletes, news correspondents, entertainers, musicians, artists or persons engaged in similar occupations.


APEC Business Travel Cards are valid for a period of five years, subject to passport validity, in keeping with the APEC Business Travel Card Operating Framework.

How to Apply (PNG Applicants)

  1. Complete the Application for APEC Business Travel Card.
  2. Pay the Migration Service Fee of K400 and attach the official receipt to the application.
  3. Provide documentary evidence as follows:
    • Supporting letter from approved business organisation
    • IPA Registration documents (where applicable)
    • Attach current, valid passport
    • Attach two recent passport sized photos

Approved business organisations for PNG citizen applicants are:

  • PNG Business Council;
  • PNG Chamber of Commerce;
  • PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum;
  • PNG Fisheries Association; and 
  • PNG Forestry Association;

Requirements for Government Ministers and Officials

  1. Request letter from relevant section that deals with the affairs of Members of     Parliament/Cabinet Ministers
  2. Supporting letter from the Police Commissioner
  3. Duly completed APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) application form
  4. Copy of current Official passport bio data page
  5. Migration Service Fee K400 (official receipt from Finance Cash Office)
  6. x1 ID size photo

Where to Apply

All APEC Business Travel Card Applications must be lodged at the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority head office, Central Government Office, Waigani, marked for the attention of the APEC section.

APEC Business Travel Card Pre-Clearance Online Status Checker

PNG Citizens who wish to check the current status of their ABTC applications with other member economies may enquire online.

See: PNG Pre-clearance checker

The online status checker automatically updates when an economy grants its pre-clearance approval on your application.