General Information


Where the holder of an existing Working Resident Entry Permit changes employer, a new work permit from the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR) is required. In such cases, a new Working Resident Entry Permit is also required.

In circumstancse where the time lapse between the end of the first employment contract and the beginning of the second employment contract does not exceed 30 days, then the new Working Resident Entry Permit may be evidenced in PNG without the applicant needing to depart PNG. Where the period between contracts exceeds 30 days, then the applicant must depart PNG and have the Entry Permit evidenced at a PNG mission abroad.

Who Can Apply

Change of Status (COS) may be granted to the following persons while in PNG:

  • A legally dependent spouse with teaching, medical, or other essential qualification who wishes to obtain employment.
  • A person who has changed his or her marital status while in PNG.
  • The holder of a Working Resident Entry Permit who has completed his/her employment contract and who wishes to obtain work with another employer (there must be no more than 3 months of the initial employment contract remaining to be completed). This applies regardless of the reasons for early termination of the contract (including where the company has ceased to operate). Approval from DLIR is required.
  • The holder of a Working Resident Entry Permit who requires the Entry Permit to be changed in respect of the name of the employer (i.e, where there has been a legal name change on the part of the employer).
  • Persons in categories other than those mentioned above are not permitted to change the status of their Entry Permit while in PNG under any circumstances, and as such, will be required to leave the country and apply for the appropriate class of Entry Permit from abroad.


Entry permits granted to dependents (including working dependents) are valid for multiple entry according to the period of stay granted to the principal applicant.

Non-working dependents of PNG citizens may be granted a 5 year Entry Permit.

Entry permits granted on the basis of employment are valid up to 3 years and are issued for multiple entry in accordance with the work permit.

Where To Apply

Application form, passport and supporting documents should be lodged with ICA.

When To Apply

Applications must be lodged at ICA prior to the expiry date of the current Entry Permit.

As applications for work permits may take some time to be processed by DLIR, applicants should ensure that their application is lodged with DLIR at least 3 months in advance of the expiry date of their current Entry Permit.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they possess a valid Entry Permit at all times.

COS will not be approved where an application is made after the expiry date of the current Entry Permit. Applicants and dependents will be required to leave the country and re-apply from overseas.