Application for Citizenship by Naturalization


Application for Naturalization (Section 69 of the Constitution)

Subject to Subsection, an application for naturalization under Section 67 (citizenship by naturalization) must be made:

  • In the case of a person who has resided continuously in the country for 
    eight (8) years or more before independence Day- within two months after independence Day; and
  • In the case of any other person-within two months after the completion by him of Eight (8) years continuous residence in the country

Where in his opinion it is just to do so, the Minister responsible for citizenship matters may in his deliberate judgment,(but subject to Division 4 (Citizenship Committee) extend the periods referred to in Subsection (1) where he is satisfied that,

  • The person was unaware of the provisions of subsection (1); or
  • There are specific circumstances.

An applicant for citizenship by naturalization shall complete three forms:

1. Application for PNG Citizenship Form;
2. Application for Citizenship by Naturalization Form; and
3. The Personal Particulars Form.

Inclusion of Children in Application 

Children may be included in a parent's application for citizenship provided that the children are under seventeen (17) years of age at the time of application. Children of seventeen (17) years and over must submit a separate application for citizenship by naturalization.

Application Requirements 

An applicant for Citizenship must provide the following:

  • four (4) passport size photographs;
  • four (4) references from automatic Papua New Guinea Citizens who have known the applicant for at least two (2) years, certifying as to the character and suitability of the applicant for citizenship;
  • a copy of the applicant's Birth and Marriage Certificate (if applicable);
  • copies of educational qualifications e.g. Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters, etc.; and
  • a Statement of Assets, Liabilities, Investments, business interests and savings accounts both within and outside Papua new Guinea, indicating their values and locations. (These details will be kept in strict confidence).

Fees for Citizenship Application 

The cost for application for Citizenship by Naturalization is K10,000.00 and must be paid at the Vulupindi Haus, Ground floor.