ICA Work Permit Handbooks 2022

Work Permit and Visa Information


The information in these handbook is intended to assist prospective visitors who intends to visit Papua New Guinea (PNG). It outlines everything you need to know from the start of your journey to your entry, stay and departure. Selecting and applying for the right visa that matches your purpose of visit can be a bit tricky for some, and for this reason, we provide this information as a guide to assist you make the right selection for your visa. You can find all information on immigration,visa classes and requirements, migration service fees, employment, and Covid-19 travel information.

A non-citizen who intend to work in Papua New Guinea in the private sector must be in possession of a valid Work Permit. Work Permit is regulated and issued by the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA). ICA also have extensive regulatory mandate over the management and issuance of employment visa. Your work permit must be granted by the Chief Migration Officer (CMO) before you can commence employment. It is important to know that your Work Permit is a separate document and is not an employment visa. Your employment visa will be issued separately after your work permit application is approved and issued. You must have in your possession a valid work permit letter, Work Permit ID card and a valid Working Resident Visa before you travel to Papua New Guinea to commence work It is the responsibility of your sponsor or employer to apply for a work permit on your behalf. Employers who employ non-citizens who are not in possession of valid work permit are in breach of the Foreign Employment Laws and both will be penalised accordingly.

Please go through the handbooks below for guidance.