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To help us make a better Papua New Guinea, we need your assistance to report suspicious or illegal activities which relate to immigration, visas, citizenship, passports, and inappropriate conduct by ICA officers.


If you have information which may assist us, please use the form on this page to tell us what you know. Please be as specific and concise as possible.


ICA takes all reports of suspicious activity seriously and is grateful for your assistance to build a stronger Papua New Guinea.


We know that reporting an immigration offence can be worrying and because of this you can choose to remain anonymous.


If you do decide to provide us your details, please be assured that your information will be held in the strictest confidence, with your privacy maintained at all time.

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ICA appreciate that in some circumstances you may not want to reveal your identity due to security concerns. Our online reporting system allows you to remain fully anonymous. If you do choose to give us your contact details, we will treat this in accordance with our ICA Privacy Policy.

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