Further Information on Residency



The Resident (Long Term) may be subject to conditions according to law. 

The entry permit is for multiple entry and the holder can enter and exit PNG subject to having a valid foreign passport and evidence of the entry permit. 

Entry permits will be issued for the life of the holder\s current foreign passport. Entry permits may be re-evidenced on presentation of a new passport and payment of a fee of K255.

Work Rights

Holders of Resident (Long Term) entry permits are exempt from the provisions of the Employment of Non-citizens Act. Permanant Resident permit holders are not allowed to hold Public Office nor involve in political affairs of the country.


A Resident (Long Term) entry permit may be cancelled according to law in cases such as the holder being convicted of an offence and sentenced by a court in PNG to imprisonment for a period greater than three (3) months or where the holder remains outside Papua New Guinea for more than 12 months continuously without reasonable cause. 

Where To Apply

The completed application form together with supporting documentation must be lodged at an office or overseas mission of ICA.

Migration Service Fees

The application fee is K5,780.

The fee for re-evidencing the entry permit in a new passport is K255.