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18 Nov 2021

Data, information, and reporting are critical to managing national security, and immigration must have an effective data management system to keep up-to-date records of every non-compliant foreign national who enters and resides in Papua New Guinea, the Chief Migration Officer had said.

“Having a good case management system that records all compliance-related cases involving non-citizens is crucial to safeguard our security and protect our people from non-complying non-citizens who can do harm to our people,” Mr. Stanis Hulahau says.

He made these comments today when officially launching a new case management system called Compliance Tracking System or COMtrac at the PNG Immigration Headquarters in Waigani.

This new COMtrac system will be used by the Compliance, Enforcement, and legal officers to electronically record all cases involving non-compliant non-citizens who are found breaching the Migration Act or any PNG Laws and were referred to ICA.

Chief Migration Officer Mr. Stanis Hulahau says the new system would replace the manual records and filings. “This database would greatly assist our officers to record and update information on every non-compliant non-citizen and would assist us to easily filter records and history of any persons of interest,” says Mr. Hulahau.

ICA is the first Government agency to secure the COMtrac software from the Australian supplier. This software enables officers to enter all compliance data online, reducing workload and improving data security and reporting time-frame. It reduces the risk of duplication, lost or stolen files and enables investigators to work remotely even using their mobile phones.

The COMtrac system would allow officers to record information and particulars of non-citizens who breach their visa conditions, who unlawfully enters or resides in the country, records of deportations and removals, and the cases that are before the Courts.

Mr. Hulahau says this system would help immigration officers have real-time information about each particular person of interest and would make work easy for the compliance, enforcement, and legal officers.