Enhanced Screening of Travelers

07 Jun 2016


This is an important Public Notice which has been prepared in consultation with the Department of Health, National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority and local representatives from the World Health Organisation.

The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority (PNG ICSA) administers the Migration and Citizenship Acts, and is responsible for assessing and issuing visas to foreign nationals and passports to PNG Citizens.

Foreign nationals seeking to travel and enter PNG cannot be granted a visa or entry to PNG if they present a Public Health risk to the PNG community.

The Ebola Virus and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are very serious Public Health risks. Foreign nationals applying for visas to PNG will henceforth be subject to additional health screening scrutiny, and may be required to undergo additional health checks. Some applicants, depending on their health and recent travel history, may be subject to significant processing delays, visa refusal or visa cancellation.

International carriers uplifting foreign nationals who do not have authority to enter PNG will be subject to significantly increased fines and sanctions.

Foreign nationals entering and PNG nationals and Residents re-entering PNG may be subjected to additional scrutiny and questioning regarding their recent travel history prior to boarding flights to PNG and on arrival in PNG. Foreign nationals and Residents may be refused uplift or refused entry to PNG. While PNG citizens may be subject to additional health checks and possible quarantine measures on arrival.

It is important to note that travellers referred for Health and Quarantine checks upon arrival by a Migration Officer must comply because refusal is an offence under the Migration Act of PNG, and entry may not be permitted. Health and Quarantine may impose other requirements if considered to be necessary.

PNG citizens and residents should carefully reconsider travelling to regions affected by the Ebola Virus and MERS.

The Department of Health and the World Health Organisation has prepared a Traveller Health Notice, copies of which will be made available to the travelling public at Jackson’s International Airport and any other international port of entry.

A further Public Notice regarding additional screening for Migration Act purposes will be issued in due course. Separate notices on Health and Quarantine measures may be issued by the relevant agencies.


Authorised by:

Mataio Rabura, ISO

Chief Migration Officer