Evisa Portal Temporary Measures

Please note, Evisa is temporarily unavailable for existing Evisa accounts when using an existing password. If you have visa applications to register, reset your password or you can create a new Evisa account and do so.

PNGICA Client Service New Arrangements

19 Nov 2021


Due to the indefinite closure of our counter services at Central Government Offices (CGO), we will be readjusting our normal business processes to accommodate the current situation. All clients are advised to read, understand and follow the new arrangements to assist us in managing all of ICA services.

New Entries                                                     

All applications for new visas must be submitted to ICA via e-mail [email protected] Clients must scan their applications in pdf format and submit via the above email.

For short term visas, applicants can access the online visa application portal via www.ica.gov.pg for nationals of visa on arrival eligible countries. Nationals of non-visa on arrival eligible countries must lodge their visa applications via email. PNG and selected Australian Missions abroad will continue to facilitate processing and issuance of all new visas. Queries on new visa applications can be sent to [email protected] 

Visa Extensions

All applications for in-country visa extensions must now be submitted via email [email protected] and copy [email protected].  The documents must be submitted in pdf format. 

Officers will liaise with clients or their nominated agents to lodge original applications including the passports at CGO for verification and processing of visas. Lodgment of original applications is subject to appointments only.

Arrangements for short term visa extensions remain unchanged.

Change of Status 

Application for eligible in-country Change of Status (COS) will now be lodged via email address [email protected].  All documents must be scanned and submitted in pdf format. Original documents including the passports will only be accepted via appointment only.

Collection of Passports

Passports with visa that are ready for collection will be released on 2nd Floor, CGO only on Tuesdays and Thursdays strictly on prior appointment. ICA will not accept any walk-in clients without prior confirmed appointment.

Lodgment and collection of PNG Passports 

PNG Passport application and management at Koitachi office remains unchanged.

Permanent Residence

Application for new and renewal of Permanent Residence visas will be lodged via email [email protected]. Clients or their nominated agents must liaise with PR officers via email to schedule an appointment.

Citizenship Application

Citizenship enquiries and applications must lodged via email [email protected] . An officer will liaise with the applicant for submission of application for citizenship.

All other enquiries 

All other queries must be submitted via email [email protected] or by contacting the entries and extension emails directly.

Payment of MSF

Due to problems faced by the Government’s Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) that has consequential effect on ICA’s ability to issue official payment receipts at CGO, clients are encouraged to use the online payment gateway via www.ica.gov.pg to pay for all Migration Service Fees (MSF). ICA has already set up a desk at Koitachi where clients can access the website and pay for their MSF.

Clients who wish to make MSF payment using EFTPOS can access the payment counter at Koitachi. You will be issued a manual payment receipt which you must attach when submitting your application for all ICA services.

For clients who had or wish to make payment of MSF via direct bank deposit (in person or electronically), you are required to obtain the manual receipt at Koitachi before submitting your application.

Indemnity for Expired Visas

ICA will make assessments on individual cases where visas may have expired during the period 25 October 2021 and 22 November 2021 where our counter services were disrupted. A decision will be made on a case by case basis whether or not an applicant should be penalized for late lodgment or overstay of visa, whichever is applicable.

Work Permit Applications

Clients are further advised that applications for new work permit has temporarily ceased as of 19 November 2021 until normal services resume on 12 January 2022 at CGO.

This new arrangements become effective from 19 November 2021.