Preparing Refugees for Life in PNG


Refugees may be provided with targeted support to enable them to become self-sufficient. This may include training in English, Tok Pisin, and Papua New Guinean Culture, especially to refugees transferred to PNG under regional arrangements who are less familiar with socio-cultural environment as compared to the West Papuan refugees.

As for West Papuans, who have lived in PNG for many years and established livelihoods, this support will focus on providing them with the legal status as Papua New Guineans through citizenship program. Wei bilong Papua Niugini is a cultural orientation programme developed by ICA and it seeks to empower refugees to become independent, productive, and responsible members of the community.

Information provided in this program enables refugees to:

  1. understand and comply with the laws of Papua New Guinea;
  2. participate in state-sponsored development activities;
  3. appreciate the cultural diversity of this country;
  4. respect social institutions; to recognize leadership structures;
  5. observe local customs and cultural norms;
  6. secure employment and affordable accommodation;
  7. access public service; and
  8. take advantage of economic opportunities

Delivery of the programs involves face-to-face interaction between educators and participants (refugees). This approach ensures the transfer of cultural knowledge and adaptation skills from facilitators to participants. In terms of anticipated outcomes, we envisage successful integration of refugees into PNG communities, whereby improved knowledge and skills will be used by refugees to improve their lives, find employment and support themselves as quickly as possible.