• Papua New Guinea opens Visa on Arrival (VoA) to all Pacific Island States and Territories

    Papua New Guinea is further extending the Visa on Arrival (VOA) facility to passport holders from Micronesian and Polynesian States and Territories to strengthen its relations with Pacific Island States and the Pacific Forum countries, the Chief Migration Officer, Stanis Hulahau has announced today.

    Press Releases      20 Dec 2023

  • ICSA launches the Sponsor Portal to merges work permit and work visa

    The Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority (ICSA) has launched a new web based technology that merges work permit and working resident visa into a single product.

    Press Releases      24 Nov 2023

  • Papua New Guinea Opens Visa On Arrival (VOA) With Selected Countries on Reciprocal Basis

    Passport holders from selected countries only can now access Visa on Arrival (VoA) at an authorized port of entry in Papua New Guinea, the Chief Migration Officer, Stanis Hulahau has announced today.

    Press Releases      25 Sep 2023


    Data, information, and reporting are critical to managing national security, and immigration must have an effective data management system to keep up-to-date records of every non-compliant foreign national who enters and resides in Papua New Guinea, the Chief Migration Officer had said.

    Press Releases      18 Nov 2021

  • ICA calls on non-citizens who overstayed their visa to come forward immediately

    Non-citizens who overstayed their visa and unlawfully resides in Papua New Guinea must immediately report in person to the Immigration and Citizenship Authority to be assisted through an in-country visa reissuance incentive, the Chief Migration Officer Mr. Stanis Hulahau says.

    Press Releases      09 Apr 2021

  • New eVisa products introduced

    [PORT MORESBY, 02 September 2019] Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha announced today the introduction of seven new electronic visa classes that are available online on the ICA website and is now accessible anywhere in the world.

    Press Releases      02 Sep 2019

  • Support and Services provided in Immigration Detention

    The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) continues to progress the Prime Minister’s direction to end regional processing in Manus Province.

    Press Releases      29 Aug 2019

  • Immigration Detains Unlawful Non-Citizens

    [ PORT MORESBY, 31 JULY 2019] The Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) confirmed that it has taken three unlawful non-citizens who were failed asylum seekers into immigration detention.

    Press Releases      31 Jul 2019

  • More Refugees Departing to the United States.

    [PORT MORESBY, 31 JULY 2019] The Minister for Immigration and Border Security, the Hon. Petrus Thomas MP today announced a further nine refugees have departed Papua New Guinea for the United States.

    Press Releases      31 Jul 2019

  • Regional Resettlement Arrangements (RRA) for Asylum Seekers

    Regional Resettlement Arrangements (RRA) for asylum seekers transferred to Papua New Guinea

    Press Releases      18 Sep 2013

  • PNG Takes Action on Refugees

    NEC has approved actions to address the situation of West Papuan refugees living in PNG and asylum seekers at the Regional Processing Centre for in Manus Province.

    Press Releases      04 Nov 2014

  • New Visa Class & Revised Fees

    Announcement of a recent decision by Cabinet for the creation of a new Visa Class entitled "Designated Event Visa".

    Press Releases      18 Sep 2015

  • Ministers Statement to Parliament

    Tabling of the 2014 and 2015 annual report of the Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority.

    Press Releases      26 Oct 2016

  • Government Approves the National Refugee Policy

    Hon. Rimbink Pato, LLB, OBE, MP announced today that the National Executive Council had endorsed a National Refugee Policy for Papua New Guinea.

    Press Releases      20 Oct 2015

  • Constitutional Amendments to Allow Dual Citizenship

    NEC has agreed to pursue amendments to the Constitution to allow Dual Citizenship and to remove any doubts regarding the legality of regional asylum seeker processing arrangements.

    Press Releases      03 Jul 2013

  • Immigration Achieves Impressive Results in 2012

    The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Hon Rimbink Pato, OBE, LLB, MP yesterday tabled in Parliament some of the impressive recent achievements of the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority (ICSA) in 2012 as required under Section 18 of the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Act of 2010.

    Press Releases      13 Sep 2013