Dependent Family Members


Dependent family members (spouse, unmarried children under the age of 18 and ageing parents) must make separate application for an Entry Permit.

For specific requirements applying to dependent Entry Permits, please refer to the appropriate entry category.

Dependent children must be ordinarily Resident in PNG to qualify for a Dependent Entry Permit. Children who study abroad and only return to PNG during study breaks should apply for a Visitor Entry Permit each visit.

In limited cases, dependent Entry Permits may also be granted to children over the age 18 where they remain dependent on their parents. Such cases could include where the child suffers from a severe disability or where the child is continuing their education in PNG. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Where a principal Entry Permit ceases a dependent Entry Permit ceases at the same time or both, individuals must depart PNG. Where a dependent holds a Working Dependent Entry Permit they cannot make application to include a former Principal Entry Permit Holder as a dependent on their own Entry Permit. In such cases, individuals will need to make a fresh application.