Entry Permit Cancellation


Entry permits may be cancelled by the Minister for Immigration and Border Security in accordance with Section 6 of the Migration Act 1978 (the Act).

Grounds for Entry Permit cancellation include:

  • The Entry Permit was issued in error.
  • The Entry Permit holder has committed a criminal offence, whether or not that person has been convicted by a court of law.
  • The Entry Permit holder has an association with another person who is reasonably suspected of being involved in criminal conduct.
  • The Entry Permit holder is suffering from a disease which presents a danger to the community.
  • The Entry Permit holder has breached the conditions of the Entry Permit – for example working unlawfully.
  • The Entry Permit holder is engaging in illegal business activities.
  • The Entry Permit holder does not have the financial means to support themselves.
  • The Entry Permit holder’s presence in Papua New Guinea is considered to be a risk to Papua New Guinea’s national security (e.g. Terrorist Suspects). 

In the event an Entry Permit is cancelled, written notification will be provided to the Entry Permit Holder at their last known address. In such cases, the Former Entry Permit Holder will be given a specified time in which to depart PNG.

If the Former Entry Permit Holder fails to depart voluntarily, they may be subject to detention and removal in accordance with Section 13 of the Act.