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Journalist Visa

About This Visa

Individuals are required to apply for this visa if they intend to undertake paid or unpaid journalistic activities in Papua New Guinea.

Criteria that must be met

It is a requirement of the Journalist visa that all visits are approved by the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). It is the applicant’s responsibility to seek approval from the POM and DFA prior to submitting their application for a Journalist visa.

Additional, eligibility requirements for a Journalist visa will vary depending on individual circumstances including the purpose and the period of stay.


Validity Of Visa

Journalist visas are issued subject to the individual circumstances of the applicant.

For further information regarding the validity of Journalist visas, please contact ICA


How to apply

Journalist should submit their application using the paper form available to download at the bottom of this page.

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Extension of stay

Depending on the type of visa you have been issued, you may be eligible to extend your stay in Papua New Guinea without leaving the country.

The eligibility requirements for a visa extension will vary depending on your personal circumstances, which include the purpose and the period of time you have already spent in Papua New Guinea, and length of the extension sought.

For further information regarding visa extensions, please contact ICA.


Change of circumstances

If your circumstances change at any time during the visa application process or after your visa is issued, you must inform ICA. A change in circumstances may affect your ongoing eligibility for the visa issued.

If your circumstances have changed, please notify ICA immediately.

A change in circumstances may result in you having to pay a Migration Service Fee. Migration Service Fees are listed here.



To obtain further information regarding the fees associated with lodging an application for a visa, extension or updating your details please refer to the Migration Services Fee Schedule, which can be found here.

If you have any questions about the Migration Services Fees, please contact ICA.