Immigration Achieves Impressive Results in 2012

13 Sep 2013

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration,  Hon Rimbink Pato, OBE, LLB, MP yesterday tabled in Parliament  some of the impressive recent achievements  of the PNG Immigration  and Citizenship  Service Authority (ICSA) in 2012 as required under Section  18,   l(d).ofthe PNG Immigration  and Citizenship  Service Act of 2010.

In tabling PNG Immigration's   2012 Annual Report the Minister outlined the key achievements that the agency made last year,  and pointed to the ambitious reform
agenda that it is currently implementing.   Minister Pato reiterated a few of ICSA's major initiatives that he had covered in his statement.

The Government's  directive to the Authority was to raise performance to support PNG's rapid economic development which relied upon efficient utilization of foreign labour.

Taking note of this directive, the Authority focused on and delivered the following outcomes:-

a)  Introduction  of data entry to streamline passport issuing and visa processing;
b)  Training of officers in Core Competency  and related specific areas to enhance ability of officers to respond to clients needs;
c)  Established  and supported the Advisory Board;
d)  Supported the Citizenship Advisory Board carry out its Constitutional responsibilities;
e)  Released its first ever Movement  and Entry Permit Statistical and Trends Report,
f)   Established  a Temporary  Regional Processing  Centre in Manus,
g)  Successful rollout of its Border Management  System to PNG Mission at Wellington,  Suva, London,  Brussels,  and Washington,
h)  Established  its presence  at the Wutung-PNG/Indonesia  Border Post,  and i) \ Successfully coordinated  the activities of the Taskforce established  by the Government to Remove Unlawful Non-Citizens.

"Parliament   will  soon  vote  to introduce   dual  citizenship   for Papua  New  Guineans. This  will  make  it easier  for the thousands   of Papua  New  Guineans   who  love their homeland   but have  also  established   strong  links  in other  countries   top  actively participate   and  contribute   meaningfully    to its development."

"PNG  ICSA  negotiated   with  Australia   for online  visa  access  for Papua  New Guineans.    This  is now  in place,  working   well  and making   life easier  for our people."
"PNG  Immigration    is now  looking  to establish   its own  online  visa  application   process for people  wishing   to travel  here."

"ICSA  is reviewing   the PNG's   migration   legislation   with  the  assistance   of the International    Organization    for Migration   and  funding  from  the  Government    of Australia.    As  a result  I expect  to present  new  migration   legislation   to Parliament early  next  year.   This  new  legislation   will  enable  PNG's   migration   and  border
management    practices   to meet  the  economic   and  security  challenges   of the 1st century".

"PNG Immigration  will implement a cutting edge biometric passport  for PNG.  It has engaged experts from the International  Civil Aviation Organization  to assist with an audit of PNG's  passport  issuance and identity management processes  and to recommend  an optimal biometric passport system".

"Further technical improvements  will be made by the deployment ofICSA's  Border Management  System to immigration  offices in Papua New Guinea and Overseas. The system already operating at PNG Missions at Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney,  Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Beijing was expanded to Wellington, Suva,  Brussels,  London
and Washington  last year."  The system will be installed at all the other PNG Missions and Posts this year.

"ICSA has implemented  the Regional Resettlement  Arrangements  for asylum seekers, which the Government  entered into with Australia recently.  These arrangements  are demonstrably working to reduce people smuggling, encourage people to return to their home countries, and to prevent the tragic loss of lives at sea."


Authorised by:

Hon. Rimbink Pato, OBE, LLB, MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration