Joint Public Notice - PNGICA & DLIR

The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR) and Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) jointly announce the temporary closure of the Foreign Employment Division from DLIR that is responsible for issuance of Work Permit.

The Closure of the office commencing on the 19th of November 2021 would allow for the physical relocation of Staff, Assets and Work Permit system from DLIR to PNG Immigration Headquarters in Waigani.

The Work Permit function will reopen beginning 12 January 2022.

All Work Permit applications shall be lodged at the Immigration Client Service Counters inside Central Government Office (CGO).

This is part of the Government's vision to merger Visa and Work Permit and to create a one-stop-shop and limit unnecessary bureaucratic red-tapes and improves the ease of doing business in the country.

Government Approves the National Refugee Policy

20 Oct 2015

The     Minister       for     Foreign      Affairs      and     Immigration, Hon.   Rimbink  Pato,  LLB,   OBE,   MP  announced  today  that  the National    Executive   Council  had  endorsed   a National   Refugee Policy  for Papua New  Guinea.

"Papua  New  Guinea  has  a proud  tradition  of helping  people  in need"  he  said.     "This  policy  affirms  our  humanitarian    values and our strong regional   leadership."

The policy  articulates   5 key principles:

  • Papua   New   Guinea   recognises    the  rights   of  refugees   in  accordance   with  its commitments   under  the  1951    Convention   on the  Status   of Refugees   and  related 1967     Protocol,     and   the   Principles     of   this   National     Refugee    Policy,     and incorporates  these within  national   legislation.
  • Papua New  Guinea  is committed  to working  with other countries  and international organisations    to  provide   protection   to  refugees   and  combat  people   smuggling, trafficking  in persons  and related  transnational    crime.
  • Papua   New   Guinea    may   enter   into   arrangements    with   other   countries    or international     organisations    for  processing    asylum   seekers'    claims    and  where appropriate  settlement  of refugees.
  • Papua New  Guinea  embraces  the skills  and qualities  of refugees,  supports  them to become  self-sufficient    and offers them the opportunity  to become  citizens.
  • Papua  New  Guinea   contributes   to global    refugee  support   efforts  and  targets  for international  resettlement   of refugees  with  appropriate  skills   required  by PNG for national   development.

The  Minister   explained   that  the  policy  covers  all  refugees  in PNG,  including  those from  Indonesia's   Papua  Province  (West  Papuans)  and non-Melanesian   refugees  who either arrived  independently    or were transferred  under  arrangements   with Australia. 

PNG  is a strong  regional   leader  in providing  humanitarian   protection  to some  of the world's    most  vulnerable   people   who have  fled situations   of persecution,    war,  torture and rape.  They simply   want to rebuild  their lives.

PNG is  rich  in natural   resources  but we are still developing    our national   economy  and institutions.   The  national    government   is  first and  foremost  focused  on enhancing   the welfare   and  fulfilment   of  our  own  people,   but  it  is  also   committed   to  fulfilling    its humanitarian    obligations.     Therefore   this   policy   supports   our  nation's    and  people's needs  as well  as helping   to protect  refugees.

ft    focuses   on   building     refugees   self-sufficiency      and   enabling   them   to   make   a contribution      to  Papua  New  Guinea's   economic   development.    Many  refugees   have skills    and  experience    that  are  in  short  supply   and  greatly   needed   by  Papua  New Guinean   businesses.

The Minister   stated that the policy   now enables  the PNG Immigration   and Citizenship Service   to enter  into  arrangements   with  Australia   and  Other  Partners   for processing asylum   seeker   claims    and  where   appropriate    settlement    of  refugees   and  process applications   for citizenship    by West Papuan  refugees.

Placement     of   refugees   from   Manus   for   employment    in   various    locations    will commence   soon  while   Applications    for Citizenship   by Naturalization   for over  2,000 refugees   from  Indonesia's    Papua  Province  West  Papua  in the Western  Province   will be considered    by the Citizenship    Advisory  Committee  early next month.

The  Minister   acknowledged   that  the policy  had  taken  some  time  to develop.     "It  is crucial  that we get this  right" he said.    "Settlement  of refugees  is  not easy and we have to   ensure    refugees    are   not   competing     for   employment     and   income    earning opportunities    with   our   citizens    as  well   as  prepare   them   for  placement    in  the employment  environment.

The National    Refugee  Policy  is  available   on the Immigration   and Citizenship   Service Authority  website:


Authorised by:

Hon. Rimbink Pato, LLB, OBE, MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration