Immigration – Traveller facilitation reaches new heights

12 Nov 2018

[Port Moresby, 12 November 2018] Minister for Immigration and Border Security Hon. Petrus Thomas, MP announced a significant achievement in the history of the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority last Friday at the Lamana Hotel on the launch of a new website and introduction of electronic visa or e-Visa portal.

"Since becoming Minister for Immigration and Border Security, I have championed ICA and its critical role in securing our borders and promoting prosperity. I am happy to celebrate the delivery of two projects which demonstrate ICA’s central role in shaping the future of our nation," said Minister Thomas.

"The first is the release of ICA’s new corporate website which followed the success of ICA’s rebranding earlier this year. The new website serves to reinforce to the travelling public, ICA’s status as a modern and professional immigration authority," said Minister Thomas.

"Complementing the new corporate website is the e-Visa portal. The deployment of e-Visa further demonstrates ICA’s commitment to modernising our engagement with stakeholders through the development of innovative solutions and the creation of operational efficiencies," added Minister Thomas.

Minister Thomas said that the delivery of the two projects substantially progresses ICA’s claims to position itself as the premier immigration and citizenship authority in our region and directly supports the objectives of the Alotau Accord II.

Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha said that the e-Visa is a world standard traveller facilitation system, which allows clients to lodge visa applications at any time, in any location, as long as an internet connection is available.

"In supporting a seamless traveller experience the e-Visa also facilitates ICA’s capacity to increase revenue collection for the Government through the user-pays service model," said Mr Kantha.

Mr Kantha said the e-Visa system provides the added benefit that Migration Service Fees can be collected in foreign currency. This supports our commitment to streamlining processes and breaks down client service barriers, which are often associated with the collection of fees at PNG foreign Missions and Posts.

Authorised by:

Solomon Kantha
Chief Migration Officer