Changes to PNG Passport Application Process

01 Mar 2017


The PNG Immigration  & Citizenship  Service  Authority  wishes   to  inform the general  public that due to  the  recent  integrity  issues   concerning  lodgement  of  applications  for  PNG  Passport  by persons providing  misleading/falsified     information. the  Authority    is  now  implementing     a stringent   assessment and processing  mechanism.    These measures  are put in place to  protect the  integrity of PNG · s National Travel  Documents.

Clients    are    to   take  note    of   the  changes   relating   to   documents    accompanying   their passport applications accepted.    Applications    provided   without    conforming   to  the   requirements   below  will  not  be accepted.

Birth Certificates

The old Birth   Certificate  with the blue hard cover or a certified   copy of the  old Birth Certificate will no longer   be accepted.  All  clients    are encouraged  10  apply   for and obtain  the   new genuinely    issued PNG  Birth Certificate and  National   Identity Card to  attach with  their Passport applications.

Commissioner for Oaths

The Application    form must  be duly  completed  and certified by a Magistrate  or Court  Official from the National/Provincial/District   Court  House  or a Legal  Officer   with  Commissioner   for Oaths   title.   A copy  of  the  ID  (passport  bio  page.   drivers  licence.    employee   ID card)  of  the   person  signing    as Commissioner   for Oaths  and their contact  number and address  must   be attached  with the  application. Applications     verified by any  ordinary Commissioner    for Oaths  will not  be accepted.


Freelance Agents

Application forms will not be accepted from freelance agents other than the following:

  • Recognized     and  locally   registered    Visa   Agents  with  Investment   Promotion  Authority.  Agent must  provide copy of IPA company  registration.
  • Individual applicants  must  lodge  personally and provide a form of ID when lodging.
  • Persons  lodging   application  on behalf  of applicant  must   provide a form of ID and declare   their relationship   to the applicant.

Interviews will be conducted with applicant(s) where necessary and when  lodged by a registered Visa Agent/Consultant. 

The application  formts) must be signed by the applicant and in the  event  of a minor must be signed by the parent/guardian.   Forms  signed by Agents will  not be accepted.

The  Authority  will  strictly  adhere  to  its  15 Working  Day  turnaround  timeframe  except  for those lodged  under  Fast-processing     facility   for PNG  Passports.  Applicant(s)  applying  for PNG passports through    the  Fast   processing   facility   are  advised  to present  themselves    as  thorough  screening  and interview will  be undertaken at the counter.

Applications    lodged   directly  with employees  of the Authority will  not be entertained  and officers will be dealt with   accordingly   under  the lCSA Code of Ethics.    The Counter Service  is  open to the public from Mondays-Fridays.  9:00am - 12:00 noon.


This Notice will take  effect as of 01  March  2017.

Any further information/clarification on this Notice, please do not hesistate to contact our Client Service on email: [email protected] for appropriate assistance.

The Authority takes this opportunity to thank ou rvalued clients and general public for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.


Authorised by:

Mr Solomon Kantha

Acting Chief Migration Officer