Moratorium on Applications & Extensions for Working Resident Employement Visas

04 Aug 2017


This serves to inform the general public and our valued clients that this Authority is imposing a Moratorium on all new visa applications and visa extensions for Working Resident Employment visas for non-citizens engaged in Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) companies especially in the retail business sector.

This Moratorium is a result of concerns raised in Parliament and by the general public over the increased number of non-citizens engaged in reserved businesses and taking up positions in the small to medium enterprises that are reserved for nationals.

During the period of the Moratorium this Authority will have consultations with all stakeholders and government departments including the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, Investment Promotion Authority, and Department of Commerce and Industry to streamline business processes and requirements to ensure visa applications for non-citizens comply with the respective legislations, policies and requirements for employment positions in the SME industry particularly retail businesses.

An internal assessment process is in place to ensure genuine applications for key positions for companies in the SME industry that requires the employ of a non-citizen is not affected. Companies affected will be required to provide justification for a new visa or extension of a visa according to their company structure for non-citizen employees concerned.

The Moratorium took effect as of 01 August 2017 and will be lifted after the consultative process is completed with key stakeholders and government departments and is intended to improve business processes between the relevant Government Departments and Agencies.

This Authority avails itself of this opportunity to seek the understanding and cooperation of the general public and our valued clients and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Authorised by:

Solomon Kantha

Acting Chief Migration Officer